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Oga peninsula, Akita, Tohoku region, Japan

Oga peninsula is home to
a unique mask event "Namahage"
representative Japan.

Namahage is a folk event of Oga city that has been handed down from a few hundred years ago. On New Year's Eve, young men of the various villages dressed as Namahage go from house to house shouting loudly "Are there any crybabies here?" To the people of Oga, the Namahage are visiting gods that come with the New Year to warn against laziness, and bring protection from illness, disasters, a good harvest, and plentiful food from the mountains and sea.

There are some stories about the origin of Namahage. Those theories range from Emperor Wu of the Han and drifting strangers to Japan and so on. Here in Oga, there are some place that is relevant to Namahage.

The masks of Namahage are different in each village and they are unique and some are terrifying. This variety is one of the appeals of Namahage.

Oga peninsula where the folklore Namahage was cultivated and blessed with abundant nature of the mountains and sea.